10 Interview Questions for a Customer Service Rep

A world-class customer service department can lead to significant brand awareness and 100% customer retention, but without the right team in place, it can be nearly impossible to reach that level of service. When building your customer service team and searching for great representatives, it is very important to be prepared for the interview. Effective questions lead to smart hires.

With these ten questions, you will provide your prospective hires an opportunity to showcase their strongest qualities, while also leaving you with a solid idea of how well they will fit within your company.

1. How do you respond to a complaining customer in regards to a product that has a well-known problem?

The answer to this question can shed some light on your interviewee’s ability to react in a way that is empathetic, humble and honest. Additionally it gives them an opportunity to exhibit a degree of salesmanship.

2. Have you had a remarkable customer service experience, and how would you mirror that experience at our company?

This question is strong for two reasons. First it gives your potential hire the chance to show that they connect on a personal level, and secondly it may inspire some customer support strategy for your own company.

3. What do you enjoy about working in customer service?
(or) Why do you want to work in customer service?

This question will provide a glimpse into their frame of mind while assisting customers, as well as their long term aspirations.

4. Ask your potential hire a question that they definitely don’t know the answer to.

The best candidates will react honestly, explaining that they don’t understand. If they are truly great they will offer to follow up with you after the interview.

5. Conduct a realistic “mock” customer service call.

A mock call will showcase an agent’s ability to think and act on the fly, which is a very common experience, and a nuanced skillset.

6. Why would you make a great customer service rep for our specific company?

In order to answer this question honestly, your interviewee will need some base level knowledge of your company and how their skillset fits within it. Great responses will provide evidence of true interest in your business, and its level of customer service.

7. Can you describe a situation in which you went above and beyond in your previous jobs, and why did you do so?

Nothing is more telling of an agent’s ability and dedication to the customer like real-life past experiences. Great answers will illustrate finely honed support skills, and specific reasons to strive for the absolute best service possible.

8. Can you tell me a story in which you made a frustrated customer happy?

Again, history can demonstrate true service ability, and provide a glimpse into whether or not they connect on a human level.

9. What tools and technologies have you used at past companies for customer support?

This question is a bit different than the previous eight, as it presents an opportunity for your potential hire to show how tech savvy they are, which can benefit your company in a plethora of ways.

10. What would you suggest to help your team share ideas they’ve had or issues they have been facing.

This is an opportunity to display an ability to work with a team, as well as play a leadership role.