Getting Down to Business

Recently our CEO, Alex Korneyev, appeared for the 2nd time on the “Get Down to Business with Shalom Klein” radio show. The show focuses on sharing valuable information about small business and entrepreneurship but also features various guests discussing real-world topics.

In the interviews, our CEO got the opportunity to speak about hot IT topics so you can hear him demystify cloud computing, talk about data protection and HIPAA compliance in the healthcare industry, as well as his views on outsourcing in the IT industry.

As in every IT company, security is a constant concern. At Touch Support, we take security very seriously and firmly believe it starts with and is bolstered by your employees. You’ll get to hear few suggestions on how to prevent sensitive data leaks, including examples from recent frauds.

And last but not least, if you have a question or two you’d like to ask our CEO, listen to the podcasts — towards the end he’ll share information on ways you can reach out to him.

Alex Korneyev on Cloud Computing and Outsourcing from radio show on July 20 2014.

Alex Korneyev on Security from radio show on September 21 2014.

If you’re interested in the full podcasts or learning more about the “Get Down to Business with Shalom Klein” radio show, you can find the complete list here: