To understand the full scope of benefits that VMware has to offer, you must first understand what VMware can do for your company. VMware lets you run several virtual servers with various operating systems from one physical machine. The virtual severs expand the hardware that you are already operating on and open up opportunities to fully utilize the power of your physical hardware.

Utilizing VMware will give your IT department a break by automating routine administrative tasks that do not require man power such as performance monitoring, server workload management and prototyping to name a few. With server virtualization technology, you can easily back-up and restore servers and improve your uptime with 24/7 server monitoring for any unexpected outages.

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VMware Cloud Foundation

VMware Cloud Foundation lends integrated cloud infrastructure and cloud management services in public and private environments to provide a straightforward path to a hybrid cloud environment.

VMware Cloud will boost admin productivity while reducing your overall direct and indirect costs. By utilizing VMCloud, you will increase your deployment times and be able to cut months off of the deployment cycle. Your provisioning speeds will increase and you will be able to provision an application immediately rather than waiting on storage and network provision requests.

VMware Cloud Foundation has three excellent deployment options:

  • Ready Systems, which deploys Cloud Foundation and vSAN Ready Nodes.
  • Integrated Systems, which deploys a preinstalled software stack with Cloud Foundation on efficient hardware
  • As a Service from the Public Cloud, which allows you to run Cloud Foundation as a service.

VMware vCenter Server


VMware vCenter Server is a management tool that allows several ESX servers and VMs from different servers to be handled through one console application. There are two versions of VMware vCenter Server. The first is The Foundation edition which is beneficial to smaller or medium sized companies while The Standard edition is for larger operations.

There are three main benefits that the vCenter Server delivers. Automation, scalability and visibility. With the vCenter Server, you are able to automate countless actions that are triggered by an alert system. You can also utilize the visibility that vCenter Server provides to scale hundreds of servers and VMs.


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