Most Commonly Stolen Types of Data

Data security risks are at an all time high, and with nearly constant innovations occurring in the tech space, these risks are not likely to subside. In order to implement effective safeguards against stolen data, it is important to understand what types of data are commonly targeted. According to a report conducted by Veracode, the following types of data are the most commonly stolen:

Payment Data

Possibly the most obvious choice among cyber criminals is card payment data. This information rapidly equips a thief with access to your money in a few different damaging forms. Your bank account information can be compromised, allowing funds to be removed and your cards can be used for a variety of purchases. Perhaps most shockingly, your card information can also be sold on the black market, which is alarmingly simple for criminals to do in the dark corners of the internet.

Authentication Details

Login credentials, which include usernames and passwords are also very sought after among criminals.  Access to any number of online platforms and systems can be very lucrative for thieves due to the information housed in them. Whether it is the email account for a company’s CEO or the twitter account of Jimmy Fallon, sensitive information stored online is frequently stolen for it’s value on the black market.

Adding to the possibility of stolen data, are the password habits of many companies and individuals. If one password is being used across multiple accounts, it becomes much easier for information to be stolen quickly.

Copyrighted Material

It should be no surprise that every second, movies, music, games & writings are being illegally downloaded all over the world. This has been the case since the rise of the internet and applications such as Napster and BitTorrent. These risks become more nuanced when your website is vulnerable of an attack. Whether it is business strategy, client lists, or software, interested criminals will seek out methods to obtain your copyrighted information without paying for it.

Medical Records

Stolen Medical IDs can be far more costly than stolen financial information due to less legal protection. Actually, it is quite common that victims of medical record theft have to pay for the health services stolen from them by cyber criminals. This can ruin your credit, or even put you in danger of losing your health insurance.

Why would someone want to steal your medical records? These records are a way for a thief to gain access to medical services or devices in your name, and either keep them for themselves or sell them to others.

Classified Information

The interest in data that falls into this category is wide ranging. Classified information can consist of a number of things including new technologies in development, product ideas, or security information, and this data is often highly valuable. In the wrong hands this information can leak to the public or your competitors, which would cost any company lots of time and money to resolve.

Protecting Your Data

Being that every company houses this highly targeted information somewhere, it is imperative that safeguards are laid in place to protect it. Establishing these safeguards requires an in depth assessment of your network in order to determine areas that are vulnerable, and areas that present future risks. Additionally, we recommend that you regularly test your systems in order to identify the impact of their potential compromise.


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