No Phone Support? No Problem!

The value of your customer is paramount, which is why they should be provided the opportunity to utilize as many support channels as possible. Despite the enhanced customer experience that multiple support channels provide, many companies only offer email support, with no phone support options — which has its limitations.

Email or help desk only has some drawbacks to consider if no phone support process is offered by your company. Although help desk and email can be immensely powerful tools, they may not be ideal for all of your customers.

There are a number of individuals and potential clients out there that don’t have the ability or time to send emails back and forth in order to resolve issues. Additionally, it is much easier to express empathy and sincerity through a phone call than through email, which can make for a much more enjoyable and ‘human’ support experience.

Despite the power and widespread use of email, phone support continues to remain the preferred channel for most customers.

With an effective phone system in place for your customers, you are exhibiting a willingness to work towards the goal of an optimized support experience. It is a direct connection to your company, and lends a voice to your brand.

By being available for your customers, and ensuring that they have as many methods to get in touch with you as possible, you are sending the message that you will go above and beyond in order to enhance their experience with your product and company. It is immediate, flexible, and personal, which makes it much more nuanced than email support or a help desk.

At Touch Support we have been able to successfully help companies incorporate phone support into their processes in a way that achieves higher customer satisfaction, and reduces customer turnover, all while reducing support costs. We provide our clients 24x7x365, fully branded technical support via a team of friendly and experienced technicians, with years of web hosting experience under their belts. We will always be 100% transparent from your client’s point of view, who will not even notice that your customer support is being outsourced.

Too many companies believe that customer support is just about solving a customer’s problems and answering their questions. However, we believe that world-class customer support is about showing your customers that you truly care about their prosperity and happiness. It establishes your company’s values and voice, while displaying empathy and a willingness to go above and beyond in order to ensure your customer is performing at the highest level.