Exceptional customer service for startups and software providers.

Our global support team helps everyone from Silicon Valley to Melbourne deliver exceptional service to their customers, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Touch Support experts respond to your customer inquiries.

We’re here — and we care.  We pride ourselves on great customer support.

Your customers get timely support so you can focus on scaling your business.

What makes it great?

Seamless integration

We use your existing systems to communicate with your customers.

No helpdesk, phone or chat platform? No problem.  We’ll help you install, configure and maintain systems based on your support preferences.

High Availability

Our US and European-based team work together, around the clock, to serve your customers.  Let us worry about vacations, sick days and other disruptions.  Our team can provide support 24×7 or during periods you specify — the choice is yours.

Customer Insights

We provide monthly reports so startups can make educated decisions based on important metrics such as customer happiness.

We’ll also report on things we see as important, in an effort to continually improve the support process.


Our unique pricing and service model makes it easy to scale up and down based on your business needs.

We’re ready to respond to unexpected increases across all of your support channels — help desk, phone, live chat or social media.

How does it work?

Step 1

We review your current customer support workflow, or work with your team to design an exceptional customer service experience.

Step 4

Once documentation and a process for exceptional customer support is in place, we’ll begin handling your customer support inquiries.

Step 2

We quickly get to know your products and services using all available resources.

Step 5

You retain complete visibility into everything, and help our team answer the difficult support issues.

Step 3

When something isn’t clear, we work with you to create and/or update documentation — to be sure we get it right.

Step 6

You can scale your plan up and down as needed, as well as activate additional support channels (live chat, phone, social media) at anytime.

Trust us. 1,000+ companies do.

Most outsourcing is not like having a real employee that knows the things to do. Touch Support is different. Technicians are knowledgeable—it’s reflected in the quality of their responses. And when I have a problem, my team always has a solution. I get details, not just a generic answer like ‘we’re working on it.’

—Owner, Global Web Hosting Company

Ultimately we decided we really needed a partner who could primarily deliver high quality support…and that’s TouchSupport. I’m astonished at the quality of the resources. I’ve gotten project management, technical training, a team of 5-6—it’s huge. Around the clock, I need someone there when I need them, and TouchSupport is.

—Head of Support, Startup Software Company

Ready. Set. Go.

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