Tips on Avoiding Viruses on Your PC


Viruses have become one of the biggest problems that PC owners face. It’s no secret that there are many more viruses out there for PCs, which means that PC users have to be more careful with what they download and what websites they visit. Here are some tips to ensure that your PC remains safe and usable.

The first thing that PC users should do in order to avoid viruses and other malware, is install anti virus software. There are many free programs out there, such as AVG and Microsoft Security Essentials, which offer great basic protection for your computer. However, if you want a more comprehensive program which offers features such as parental controls and identity theft protection, it might be worth your while paying for an upgraded version of the software. Users should also make sure that they install anti spyware software, which targets a different kind of malware.

Another thing that you can do to ensure that your computer remains virus free is to set up automatic updates for Windows and Internet Explorer. Updates often fix problems such as security issues and they can often include updates to block certain viruses and spyware. Updates also help your computer to run better, so you should consider updating them for that as well.

The web browser that you are using will also have an effect on whether certain viruses can get to your computer or not. Different web browsers have different option for compatibility and managing pop ups. Some web browsers also have a large amount of add-ons to the software which can be used to manage which sites you are able to access and whether pop ups are allowed.

Finally, if you see a suspect file on your computer, such as one with two file extensions, Google it. Most viruses will have already been found and documented by someone else by the time they get to your computer so you can find out whether or not that file is supposed to be there through other people’s previous experience.

Taking these precautions will ensure that your computer remains safe and clear from malicious software that can be installed. A few easy steps such as the ones above can keep your information from being stolen or destroyed.