My favorite part about Touch Support is …

When I started working for Touch Support as a entry level technician, I was skeptical about what working at the company would be like. It didn’t help that I was woefully unfamiliar with the web hosting industry.

On my first day in the office, I tried to talk with as many coworkers as physically possible. While they seemed genuine and welcoming, I was still worried about what the work would be like for a lowly university freshman, after the newness wore off.

When looking back on the last 8 years I smile and laugh about my first day jitters. I don’t even have to leave my keyboard to obtain affirmation that I made the right choice. While writing the previous sentence I took the opportunity to shout from the mountain tops. OK, OK, you caught me. I’m still at my desk. Nevertheless, responses were instantaneous.


… the working environment and constant technical challenges.

– Chris (infrastructure magician)

… having intelligent co-workers and access to in-depth documentation to help tackle requests from clients and end-users.

– Jon (customer support hero)

… the 4% match on my 401k.

– Malinda (hr extraordinaire)

I quickly learned at the heart of Touch Support there have always been awesome employees. Each day in the office furthers my passion for Touch Support and my confidence that I’ll be ready for our next project. With teamwork, quick thinking and a positive attitude, what’s not to love?



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